Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cricket by the Creek

Matt has been wanting to take Allie to the creek on the family farm for a while now. So, yesterday we loaded up in the pick-up truck and headed that way. Allie absolutely loved it!!! I didn't take her swimsuit so after her diaper got waterlogged, I just took it off and she went bare-bottomed. This is what Matt grew up doing and I think it is really nice getting to share this with Allie.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

She's got moves...

I love my little Poo-Poos. She is so cute. The other night we put her shades on and a headband and let her rock out to some tunes on T.V. She loves to dance.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who eats this stuff?

On a recent trip to the pharmacy, while I was waiting in line for a long time at the drive-thru, I took a close look at the stuff they sell in the window...a pickle in a pouch, pickled eggs and some meat thing in a pouch. Do people really eat this stuff? If there is anyone brave enough to eat this stuff, I like to see it. I have never been through the pharmacy drive-thru and thought "Man, I would like a pickled egg." Or never have I been driving down the road and thought..."Let me pull into the pharmacy a get me a pickle in a pouch." Yummy!!! I think not. What's up with these establishments? Can we not just go in, get our meds, and get out. Oh, no. We have to be overloaded with jewelry, fridge magnets, baby gifts, make-up, cards, candy, balloons, and the list goes on. By the way, who goes to the pharmacy to get a baby gift anyway? And, thanks to all for putting pregnancy tests and Monistat behind the counter. It's not like we are going to manufacture meth with the stuff. Give us a break and let us buy it without having to ask for it...Peace out!!!

Father's Day Part 3

You gotta love him. It has taken me many years to fully appreciate my dad. And, until I became a parent I didn't understand just how much he sacrificed for me. He has always been a good provider for my family, stern disciplinarian and tender hearted man. I love him very much.

Top ten things I love about my dad...

10. He always took care of my car maintenance. I probably never had to be concerned over tire rotations or oil changes until after I was married.
9. Although he drove me crazy telling me not to get credit cards, I understand he was right when I realized I was still paying on an outfit I bought in 1998 in 2003.
8. He always provided me with the best he could. I always had nice clothes to wear, a car to drive and money to spend.
7. He was a softy at times. I knew then and still know, how to wrap him around my finger. Daddies are tenderhearted for their daughters.
6. I think it is neat how tough he still is. He is 51 years old and would still let me punch him in the stomach for the fun of it.
5. I know he will love me unconditionally. He still worries about me even though I am nearly 30. I honestly know he would do almost anything for me.
4. He is always happy to hear my voice.
3. I love to see how amazed he is to be a granddaddy and to see Allie and the accomplishments she makes.
2. When I was in the hospital giving birth to Allie. He was so worried about me. Actually, probably more than anyone else. He kept having to leave the hospital because he was so worried. In a time like that when everyone was excited about the new baby, it was nice for my dad to worry about his baby the way he did.
1. He has been a Christian example for my sister and I throughout the years.

Happy Father's Day...

With Love, Tashia

Father's Day Part 2

Happy Father's Day Matt!!! We love you!!!
Love, Us
Mom & AL

Father's Day Part 1

Saturday night we celebrated Father's Day with PawPaw at Jim and Erica's. It was a lot of fun and Allie was tuckered out by night's end...
How many calories are in those? Aw, yes I can eat a few...Who am I kidding? Allie doesn't care how many calories are in those crutons. Bring on the seconds...

Happy B-day Brilee

Saturday, we went to Kids Dugout to celebrate Brilee Braden's 1st Birthday. Allie had a good time. Maybe these girls will become fast friends in the future. Kim, Brilee's mom, and I worked together at ASU and were pregnant at the same time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

What bugs me...

(disclaimer: No this woman does not get on my nerves. Her eyes sure are funny though.)

These days a lot. I have noticed that being a mom has heightened my nerve insensitivity. Things that wouldn't have gotten on my nerves years ago, bug me now. I feel like I am always on edge around the house trying to keep things clean and quite. For my old room dog, Leslie, she wouldn't believe what a clean freak I have become. Long ago are the days of leaving coffee grounds and Equal packets all over the counter, clothes strewn in the floor, and stinky laundry left in the wash for days.
Well, here goes, things that bug me...

10. Spilled drinks....Come on are we 2? I think not. I hate it when a drink is spilled on the floor. Careless.

9. Too much noise. A loud television, radio, phone, outside noise...whatever. If it is loud...it gets on my nerves.

8. Telemarketers and silent phone calls. If you are going to call me, speak and speak right away. Some of those telemarketers wait until you say hello about three times.

7. Folding and putting away clothes. Is this ever done?

6. Debris on my porch. No matter how many times I sweep the porch more debris blows on it.

5. Junk drawers. I don't know how this can be avoided.

4. Cooking. I can clean all day but I do not like to cook.

3. Messy cars and nasty purses. My car is always a mess even right after I clean it. I just want EVERYTHING neat and tidy. My purse seems to always get crumbs in the bottom of it. Come on y'all. How does this happen?

2. People not telling it like it is. It bothers me that people won't tell you if you look a little off. For example I have a hard time, especially in the summer, getting make-up that matches my neck. TELL ME IF IT DOESN'T MATCH. I have a hard time seeing it in my light sometimes so instead of thinking "She sure looks bad tonight." Tell me ..."Hey your make-up is too dark," "You have a booger right there," or "There is something between your teeth." Come on...help a sista out.

1.Walking in the house without socks or house shoes and feeling crumbs, dirt etc. on my feet. Notice I say house shoes or socks because we DO NOT wear outside shoes inside. Feeling crumbs on the floor makes me want to get the broom out and sweep.

Just a little venting today. Put on a happy face:)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am now looking for a couple of pieces of furniture to paint. We have a huge big screen TV and have had it on a coffee table ever since we bought it. Well, it is time for that thing to go. I went on a hunt to a local furniture store earlier this week and found a couple of nice pieces ranging from $600-$2,500. After a brief discussion with Matt ending in "No, I am not interested in buying anything to put the TV on." I have decided to buy something inexpensive and paint it. I am particulary looking for an old wooden coffee table...must be very sturdy. Doesn't matter what shape it is in just as long as it is a good solid piece.
The second piece I need is a small desk/ table for our laptop. Right now we leave the wires in a box beside our kitchen table and I don't like this so, I plan to paint me a desk. After watching Amelia paint some other stuff for me and giving me some pointers, I feel confident that I can do this...hopefully inexpensively. So, if you can help me out that would be great. Willing to pay samll price for pieces. Free is always great!!!! Will pick it up.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Kiddie Carnival Fun!!!

I had one of those moments last night...One of those moments when as a parent you are proud of your child. At this age there is much to be proud of...first words, first steps, well--- firsts of any kind really. But last night this first was different. I don't know why really...but it was. I looked on at Allie as she braved it up and rode one of the rides at the Kiddie Carnival. She was sooo excited, grinning, clapping and just acting like such a big girl. It doesn't take much to make a mommy proud, I guess. But I look forward to all of these little moments in the future where I can look on and smile..."There's my little girl!"

Slip, Slidin' Away...

Not really, but we tried. My daddy bought Allie a Slip N' Slide this weekend and we tried to get Allie excited about it. She would giggle around it and get close to it. She even slid down once. I think the water was too cold for her. Maybe next time Papa! Thanks.
My mom turned 52 June 9. Here's the present I made for her...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Miss Ava is 3!!!

Ava turned 3 this weekend. My how the time flies!!! Are we really old enough to have all these kids? Sometimes it just doesn't seem like it. Anyway...We had a lot of fun at Ava's b-day party Saturday. The icing on the cake, literally, was some of the best I have ever had. The food was great and the company even better...
Here's a few pics...

Just me and my Popsicle

I gave Allie a popsicle the other day and let her sit on the porch and eat it. She loved it!!! What would melt and hit the ground she would stick her finger in it and lick it up. Oh, the joys of being a kid!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here's the finished product...

I told Kathy Smith (from church), I would post these when they were finished. She gave me some louver (sp) doors that I wanted to have painted. Amelia Owen painted these for me. They are in my dining/kitchen/sitting room. I painted two more for Allie's room. Thanks Kathy!

Tough Week

Sorry for the lack of posts but it has been a tough week. Monday, my mother-in-law was going to keep Allie so I could paint. Well...Allie woke up with a fever and kept it all day until about 9:30 p.m. I took her to the doctor and he said from what he could tell she seemed fine (other than the fever). So, we kept truckin'. She dragged around all day and laid on the ottoman in front of the television. Allie is never still, so this scared me a bit. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning she was still a little cranky but she is feeling better now. I don't know if it's teeth or what but at least she is feeling better. She also developed a bump on her tongue that was irritating as well. I called it a "Lye" bump...Matt called me redneck.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Beano's getting married!

Friday night we went to Katie Kuykendell and Will Harbin's "Tool and Gadget" party. It was a lot of fun. Joe and Leah Carver hosted the party and the biggest hit of the night, in my opinion, was the fondue fountain. They had everything to put chocolate on. Thanks to the Carver's for a good time.
As for Beano, this is what Matt and I call Will, we are glad he finally popped the question and Katie held on as long as she did. They have been a couple most of the time that I have known them, which is approx. 10 years. So congrats! The long-awaited nuptials are July 25 and we are excited to be a part of it. They are such nice people and we are glad to know them.
Here's a few pics from the night...

MawMaw's Treat

Mawmaw surprised me Thursday night when she called wanting to take Allie and Aidan for pictures on Friday. We went to Portrait Innovations in Huntsville and brought home a lot of nice pictures. Aidan was a good boy most of the day. But as usual Allie was a pill. She is a good girl at home or at other people's houses but she doesn't do well on shopping trips or trips to Huntsville. I guess this is mostly because her naps are interrupted. Allie is a two nap a day girl. This explains why we have a hard time on Sundays as well. But despite the many breakdowns and spankings, we made it through the day and had some fun in the process. Thanks MawMaw!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Dispatcher: 9-1-1 What's your emergency?
Tashia: Toddler gone wild. She...I didn't see...Why me?...
Dispatcher: Calm down. Now, tell me what happened.
Tashia: My one-year-old pulled out her blanket and "banky-whipped" me.
Dispatcher: Help is on the way. Why did she do this?
Tashia: The last thing I remember was her screaming "Mama" and pushing her sippy cup in my face.
Dispatcher: What did she want?
Tashia: More milk and food I guess. She's always hungry. Always thirsty. I didn't know what to do. I was trying as fast as I could.
Dispatcher: Don't worry the Toddler Patrol is on their way.

Shortly after the 9-1-1 call Allie, a.k.a. Allie Play, was arrested on the scene. She was charged with one-count of domestic violence and is currently being held without bond. This is Allie Play's third offense. Her lawyer is uncertain how this will play out in court. It's likely she will be placed on crib arrest until she is two. One thing is certain, banky has been taken away and will be submitted as evidence.

Real story...
The real story is I was sunbathing by Allie's baby pool and she stepped on my arm with her shoe on. Not as exciting of a story, is it?

A hair there? NO!!!!

Call me crazy, if you wish. There have been many times in my 29 years where I thought I could benefit from the use of medication. But, I know this happened. I purchased a gallon of milk recently from Wal-Mart and I am one of these people who fear other people break into your milk, Sun-drop, cheeseburger or whatever and do stuff to it. Pee in it, spit in it, put hairs in it...whatever. Well here's the story. I recently drank a couple of glasses of milk and there was one hair in each glass. The first I chalked up to my hair or something. But a second time? I am not talking a long hair from my head or from the unmentionables. I am talking about a hair that looks like it could be from the cow. Is that possible? Could there really be a cow hair in my milk? Well it could have been an eyelash...but in two glasses? Weird, huh?

Monday, June 1, 2009


Saturday night we went to Beth and Jeremiah's house for some food and fun. The kids played outside and the adults, if you can call us that, had a lot of fun singing kareoke. It is so nice to go to church with so many young people who like to get together like this. While this our first outing (men, children and women) with the crowd, I really enjoyed it and hope there are many more in the future. Thanks so much to the McElyea's for inviting us to their home.

Allie taking a break from all the excitement for a cupcake.

My bro-in-law, Will, taking control of the mic and kicking things off...He was a hoot.

Allie trying out here dancing skills to the tune of Jay Looney and Will Lovell.

I was sitting in a lawn chair that had an attached foot stool. The kiddos loved sittin on it.

Matt Taylor blowing bubbles with his fans.

Kiddos playing in the yard.

Lillian decided she wanted to borrow my shoes for a while.

Matt singing kareoke. He did a great job. I am so glad he got up there.

A tired pose after a long night.

Birthday Fun!!!

Saturday we went to Addie Mae's birthday party. It was so much fun! Thank you Addie Mae for inviting us.

If you'll notice all three pics are from the same ride...because that is all Allie would ride. So we kept posing in the car for pictures.

Addie Mae and Allie.

Me and Allie.

Aidan and Allie.