Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chili Challenge

This was Allie's second trip to the Chili Challenge and she loved it!! This year we gave her a cup and spoon for her to taste her own chili.
"It good, Mommy," she would say while eating the chili.
She ate several bowls of it...Soooo!!! We are now one DIRTY diaper down and who knows how many to go?? She was in her bedroom and she came to me in the kitchen with a thumb full of POOP! She had stuck it in the dirty mess. Yuck!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Recent Fun: An Overview

I am become a slacker lately on my posting duties so this is a "catch up" session to clue you in on what we have been up to.
After celebrating MawMaw's Birthday on Thursday (no pictures), we had a pretty eventful weekend. Saturday night we we had a wonderful supper with Jim, Erica, Ava and Aubrey. We had grilled pizzas and they were AWESOME!!! Thanks for a wonderful visit. Here's the girls playing dress-up.

Sunday was a Beautiful day and gave us even MORE SPRING FEVER. So, we took a stroll down the road to the park...

I did some painting during the week and playing in Mommy's make-up helped keep Allie occupied. Although you can't tell in this pic, she had a little too much fun in the eye shadow.
Friday night we got together to celebrate PawPaw's birthday. We had a lot of fun and ate some GREAT food, thanks to MawMaw, and Allie had fun here with Uncle Will making funny faces.
Here's PawPaw playing with the gift we gave him. They took turns smelling what was in the jar.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kitchen table makeover

This is my first try at linking to a here goes. I am joining Mustard Seed Creations @ for Furniture Feature Friday. This is a table that I painted and distressed for my kitchen. Sorry, I don't have a before picture but if this helps I bought the table and two wooden chairs at a yard sale for less than $25.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Boy, have we gotten into some trouble!!

Amy is one of those friends who you can go years without seeing and you can pick up where you left off. We have been friends half of our lives...thanks to her mom who made her call me and check on me when I was sick with shingles about 15 years ago. Since then I have considered her my friend and although we go long periods of time without talking, it is always nice to pick up where we left off. After the passing of one of her classmates, Amy decided she was going to have a bucket list of things she wanted to do or people she wanted to see. Believe it or not my mom, not me, made it to the list of people she wanted to see. So, Saturday, fortunately for me, she planned to come visit my mom and lucked up with a visit from me too. It was so nice to see her and we shared a lot of laughs. We have gotten into a lot of trouble together over the past 15 years...most of which I would be ashamed to admit to any of my followers. But...hey you live and learn, right? Amy is a great friend and I miss her and our good times. Thanks Amy for such a nice visit. Lets not let it be 3 years until the next one...

Well, we're not "Big Time."

Can you believe that 10 years ago these two chicks (above) thought we were going to be "Reporting Live" for some big to-do news station? Well...Look at us now. Just a couple of worn out Mamas. Who would have thought?

Kristy is one of my friends from college. We are sisters...Phi Mu, that is...and broadcasting majors. When we were in school we sure thought we would be doing something a lot different than we are...But ask either one of us and I guarantee we'd say..."I wouldn't change a thing!"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I have spent many Valentine's Days single throughout the years but in 2003 that all changed. Matt proposed on this very special day and this time of year brings back that very heart warming memory. Who would have thought after all those lonely Valentine's Days that I would actually be proposed to on such a day?? But I am very thankful he did and I hope we have tons more Valentine's memories in the future...

This was my gift to him this year. It's goofy looking, isn't it?
Allie and her princess cup from Mommy.
Allie and her box of chocolates from Daddy.
Mommy's box of chocolates from Daddy. See how many I have eaten already???
This is a special gift from my sis-in-law Erica. It can a couple of days before Valentine's Day and by looking at the envelope I thought is was a birthday card for Allie. Boy was I surprised when I opened it to find my favorite vampire tucked inside!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My B-A-B-Y is 2!!!

Wow! What a day! We celebrated Allie's 2nd birthday with a Cookie Baking/ Dora Party at Suzanne's Bakery. A little wild...But I think everyone had a good time!!! Thanks to all of our friends and family for coming out and celebrating our happy day!

The homemade "Dora Backpacks" my mom and I made.
The decor....Backpack centerpieces with Maps and Explorer Stars.

The Birthday Princess!!! This is her Birthday outfit from Nannie and Papa. She loves it...up until the party...she would go up to it and kiss it and say how pretty it is...

Let's give love to the guests...

Playing a game....

Eating some lunch.

Opening presents
Ella decorating a cookie
Abby decorating a cookie.

James and Allie taking a ride in the wagon MawMaw and PawPaw gave Allie.

Ava and and the girls scooping out cookies.
Breelynn and Ella.

Brylee and the tricycle.

Party favor cookies. Explorer Stars.

Here's the cake...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Story Time or Storytime???

We have started going to Story time in Elkmont on Wednesdays. It is really neat. All the kids get to sing, dance, play games, listen to a story, make a craft and eat a snack. It is a great way for these little ones to spend some time with other kids. The neat thing about this is I remember going to Story time at the Elkmont Depot when I was a kid.
Wednesday the kids celebrated Valentine's Day by making a craft and having sweet treats and Valentine cards. It made it even better that Wednesday was also Allie's birthday.

Here she is being a little grumpy! Don't know what was up...

The "Love Bug" the kiddos made (with mommy's help of course).
Here's Allie with Logan the "Ladies Man."
Not too grumpy for some ice cream!!!
All in all Allie had a great birthday and I am looking forward to the party on Saturday!!! Lots of fun!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poo-Poos is TWO!

Well...not until 8:44 p.m. but anyway. Wow!!! Where has the time gone?
Here she is first thing this morning giving us the PEACE sign :) Not really. She is holding up two for TWO!
After Allie woke up this morning we gave her one gift...a DORA book...we will save the other for her party on Saturday.

All dressed up for Storytime! More on that later...

Reckon I can get her to do the 3-1 for WAAY 31???

Friday, February 5, 2010

Night O' Fun!!!

After going back and forth Friday afternoon...Matt and I decided to take the plunge and go to the Circus. As most of you know...we are not "late-nighters," so we were a little concerned...But all turned out well and we had a great time! We did -duck out- early but it was still worth the trip. Here's some pics of the Lovell Night Out...

Schlotzky's Deli

Awkward picture #1. Hard to take a good pic this close up...
Awkward pic #2. I guess you can see the problem here.
Too far away to get great pics...

Close up...Really close up.
Getting tired.

Another side note: Allie is real big into Mommy kissing "Boo-Boos" So when she stuck her finger out tonight, I figured she wanted me to kiss a boo-boo. But instead, I got a real big juicy booger on my lips :)