Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Play Dates

This summer we have been trying to have some play dates with our friends who are off work for the summer. Here's Allie with Kaylee at Jimmy Gill Park. It was a really nice place to go and take the kids because it was private and we had the park to ourselves...Anna Beth and Dylan were also here this day and we packed a lunch and ate under the pavilion.
Here's Katie Lee and Allie enjoying some ice cream after taking swimming lessons earlier in the summer. Amanda, Lillian and Abby were also with us at Chik-Fil-A. They enjoyed playing in the play area.

Each summer a couple of my longtime friends get together with our kids. Here's Allie with Carter and Caroline Chandler and Coleby Davis.

Here's Allie with Katie Lee at the Splash Pad in Decatur. It is a fun, free thing to do on a hot, summer day.

We also packed a picnic this day and ate under the trees at Delano Park in Decatur.

We went to Point Mallard earlier this week and the KIDS LOVED IT! Eight kids in all.

We definitely want to go back soon!

The wave pool was this biggest hit.

Last night we met up with Aidan for our second round of the Kiddie Carnival this summer. They loved the roller coaster.

Earlier in the summer we also went to Pottery By You. It is a new business in Athens and I am looking forward to going there again. This day, Anna Beth and Katie Lee painted with Allie.

Allie painted a unicorn, yipee!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Fourth (and 1st, 2nd & 3rd!)

We kicked off the Fourth festivities with a "campout" on Friday night. Allie didn't actually spend the night, but to her she still camped.

Glad my dad got to join in the fun this year.


Marshmellow roastin'!

On Saturday, the Lovell family had their annual Fourth of July stew and potluck.

It's not a party unless you get some baby doodie on you.

I brought some waterguns for the kids to play with. I still haven't decided if this was a good idea.

I brought bubbles too!

Saturday night, we went to my parents' house for steak and fireworks.

Allie didn't like the fireworks.
Monday, we went to my Aunt Ginger's for food, fun by the pool and fireworks.

Allie had a blast!

Loves the pool.

Even did a few sparklers.

Whewww...we were exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!