Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Part II

Saturday...we had a BIG day to say the least. Aside from all the visiting and plans we had during the day on Saturday we also had plans to Trick-or-Treat with Aidan and Rylee.
Here is a shot I took while waiting on our company to arrive. Allie did a very good job this year. She would go up to the door and knock or ring the doorbell if it was low enough. She would even say "Trick-or-Treat."
Aidan finally warmed up and got in on the action.
Our transportation.
Mom and Al.
Neighbor Jim.

After ToT. Aidan and Heather stayed for some stew. I think we all had a great time BUT we are glad Halloween is OVER! We are tired!!!

Halloween Part I

It has become tradition that we head to MawMaw and PawPaw's on Halloween morning to eat breakfast for Matt, Jim and Will's we take the opportunity to dress the kids up so we can all see each other in our costumes.

Allie the "Bumble Bee."

Group shot.
Ava the "Witch."

Aubrey the "Cat."

Aidan the "Dragon."
Rylee the "Caterpillar."
Didn't get a single one of Emma but she is "Minnie Mouse."

William a.k.a. "Mickey Mouse."
Opening the "loot" from MawMaw and PawPaw.

Then we went to my mom and dad's. Here is the "loot," from them. A rocking chair! She is going to love it!

Happy Birthday to a Super Cute little man!

William turned 3 earlier this month and we celebrated his big day with a Charlie Brown Big Pumpkin themed party last night. The kids and adults had a lot of fun! I had three servings of "the best baked beans ever," last night. Thanks Amber...felt the effects of that this morning!
These two are GONNA be some trouble!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy, busy weekend

This weekend sure was busy. We started off on Friday night with the Athens/East game. We sat on the Athens side. Allie loved the band and the cheerleaders and the two guys dressed up as bananas.
Making funny faces at the camera.
My sweet girl.

Allie started Sat. morning off eating breakfast with Daddy and his friend Aaron at Canebrake. He took her to Wal-Mart afterwards and brought home these crazy balloons. YAY Daddy! Here she is playing with balloons before I took her to my aunt Kandye's house so that Matt and I could attend Roger and Valarie's wedding, which was beautiful.

We ended the day Sat. with supper at friends pictures of that. Sunday was another busy day. Here Allie is licking the batter for the cake that I made for a young folks gathering Sunday night.
This one is out of order. But, here she is posing before Church Sunday morning.
Sunday evening, some young folks from our Church got together for a Scavenger Hunt. I stayed and helped with the kiddos while others scavenged (sp?). Sounds like everyone had a good time.
Here is Allie with her "Monster Mix."
Painting her pumpkin.

Aidan having a good time.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Painting and Storytime

Tonight we decided to paint pumpkins. I was going to wait until tommorrow so that we would be better prepared but we "made-do," and Allie seemed to really enjoy it!

Also, this week we decided to head back to the Elkmont Depot for storytime. We have not been in a few months and with the colder temperatures ahead, this will give us something to do. James, Kendall, Allie and Evan.
Getting ready to make our craft.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall at this Lovell House

My f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e piece this year. It is made out of burlap. I didn't make it but I believe I could. The other side says BOO!
Full view of the front porch fall decor.
Mums, pumpkins and my little scarecrow.

Back porch.

Fall Festival

Thursday night Mawmaw invited the crew to Athens Convalescent Center for their annual fall festival. It was fun for the kiddos...I don't know about the grown-ups.
Checking out the loot.

Allie want the ball.
Cake Walk.

Allie playing a game.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grand Opening

Congrats to Justin Miller for his new business (Farmers Ins. J. Miller Group). I hope I have the business name correct. Tuesday evening Matt. Allie and I went to his Grand Opening. Great music, good food and wonderful company...
Ava and Allie munchin' on some Doritos.
Kynsley and Allie.

Groovin' to the music.