Thursday, June 24, 2010

My apologies...

I have been a little lazy on the blogging seen this summer. We have been busy that is for sure but just lazy when it comes to this computer stuff. And YES we finally joined FB and that is taking up some time as well. But anyway...hope to get some things up here soon. Hang in there.

Rant for the day...

I feel frazzled A LOT these days and I love looking pretty as much as the next person BUT that seems NEARLY impossible these days.
First it is soooo hot but it is usually because I focus MOST of my energy on CLEANING OUR HOUSE and MAKING SURE ALLIE LOOKS nice.
So, I get a little miffed, so to say, when I see these moms without a hair out of place, dressed top notch in the high heels and beads like they haven't done anything all day. Don't get me wrong they have probably been JUST as busy as me but seem to be able take a few extra minutes for themselves. Where's my few extra minutes? I guess I need to start making that a priority. :)
By the way, who feels like wearing heels anyway? Maybe I just miss them...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kiddie Carnival and VBS

We have had a very busy week since we have returned from vacation. After celebrating a birthday on Saturday...we kicked off VBS week with a pot luck at the Kiddie Carnival. This was our second year to attend and it was so much fun!!! Here's some pics of the Kiddie Carnival.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday AVA!

A little late but I am finally getting around to posting some recent pics of what's been going on with us...
Last weekend we celebrated Ava's 4th birthday. Great food and GREAT company!!!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Orange Beach 2010

By the looks of this picture you wouldn't think we had a nice ride down to the beach. But in all honesty, Allie did REALLY WELL considering this was her first LONG trip. Only a few moments like this...

My Mom and Dad joined us for our first beach trip and we all had a really nice time. It was fun for them to be with us. We hope to go again next year and add Aunt Shelly to the mix.

Allie was super excited about her float and had to wear it before we left for Church Sunday morning.

Daddy and Matt really outdid themselves this trip. They were all about beating each other at NasCart racing, Arcade games, Frisbee throwing...YOU NAME IT!!! Here they are tuckered out!
Allie catching a break at the beach. This was the only day the oil was bad! See it and sand caked on her feet!

Showing off the bucket. She really enjoyed the ocean and collecting sea shells.

We too joined in on the fun of the "Air Brushed T-Shirt" I wouldn't want one for myself, but I wanted Allie to have one. This is the one she wanted. A "whale shirt," which is actually a dolphin.
Enjoying some time on the beach before heading to Waterville. No pics from there. Didn't want to have to keep up with the camera.
Me and Allie enjoying ourselves at the Arcade.

Mama and Allie collecting sea shells.

Daddy and Matt relaxing again!

More fun at the beach.

Daddy, Matt, Allie and I went to The Little Zoo That Could on Wednesday. Allie really enjoyed the snakes.
Group shot at the Zoo.

Mom and Al.

Playing ball at The Track. We went there Tuesday night after eating at Sea N' Suds.

This was Allie's favorite part at The Track...the 50 cent carousel rides.
Here are a few pics I took of the oil on Wednesday. There were some tar balls on the beach Saturday when we arrived but nothing too bad until Wed. when we went out to see stuff like this...

We stayed at the Phoenix East and there weren't many people there the first few days, which was really nice...Then like 10 charter buses full of teenagers participating in a Baptist camp came in on Tuesday (maybe Monday). Anyway, then it got a little more crazy. All in all they were very well behaved though. Here's what one on the drew in the sand... Crews cleaning oil off the beach right down from our condo. I had a hard time understanding this guy but I think he was telling me that he was too ugly for me to take his picture :)

Oil freckling the beach.

Here's a few Lone Ranger pics down here...
My dad and Allie at the Zoo.
Matt and Allie in the pool.
An attempt at a family pic.
Allie eating crab claws with Matt at The Crab Trap.

Matt and the NasCart. Rock On!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Fun!!!

We had a fun Memorial Day weekend. We celebrated Addie Mae's 3rd Birthday on Saturday and had a really good time.
On Monday, we visited MawMaw/PawPaw's house a couple of times and visited the creek. All in all...pretty good.